Jared Andrews

For Sale

Below is a list of things I am trying to sell.

Yes, I post these items on Craigslist and a variety of other platforms. I have found the online platforms for local selling to have significantly decayed in recent years and I have found it necessary to leverage many platforms. This is annoying and requires keeping copies of everything I post on my computer. Since it is already on my computer it makes sense to me to make the complete list publicly available on this site.

I collect and sell vinyl records on Discogs. I am happy with the Discogs platform and use it exclusively.

Note, I'm not really interested in shipping any of this stuff. You can come get it from me in Worcester, MA. Pretend we are on Craigslist, I'll meet you somewhere or you can just come to my house. I'm open to trades if you have anything I am looking for.